September 2008


I have never seen this problem solved. The only way, in my opinion, to make this work is to do as little as possible. But firstly, lets see why we need estimation: The only valid reason for doing this is to give Business an indication of how much the product is going to cost them. Continue reading Estimation

Learning to See

I picked up the Learning To See book by the Lean Institute, authored by Mike Rother and John Shook. This book was a Shingo Prize recipient. “A value stream is all the actions currently required to bring the product through the main flows essential to every product” including “design flow” and “production flow”; this book Continue reading Learning to See

Salary discussions

Matt Buckland has an interesting post on salaries, and if they ought to be publicized. When I first read Maverick, I thought it was a good idea. This was ten years back. Thinking about this problem, my comment was that the solution that people ask for, i.e. publicizing salaries might not be the right one. Continue reading Salary discussions