Learning to See

I picked up the Learning To See book by the Lean Institute, authored by Mike Rother and John Shook. This book was a Shingo Prize recipient.

“A value stream is all the actions currently required to bring the product through the main flows essential to every product” including “design flow” and “production flow”; this book focuses on the latter.

Material flow and information flow are what needs to be mapped. Material flow is self explanatory, but information flow is what tells each process what to do next.

Some lean measurements:

Cycle Time: How often a part or product actually is completed by a process

Value Creating Time: Time of those work elements that actually transform the product in a way that the customer is willing to pay for

Lead Time: The time is takes one piece to move all the way through a process from start to finish

From a software development perspective, its probably wrong to use stories to draw the value-stream map if a story by itself doesnt add value.

In general the book is useful for someone who needs to be on the factory floor. It tutors you indepth on Value Stream Analysis. Useful, not so much for me, at the moment . . .