I wish the CSM was a little bit more rigid

I wish the Certified Scrum Master was not a certification at all. Maybe the introductory 2-day course just does that. I wish the words Certified and Master was used a little bit more sparingly. Perhaps the Practitioner certification should be the equivalent of CSM.

On a not so unrelated topic, the number of times I have changed my mind about new ideas, the number of times certain things work in one project setting but not another makes me realize that there is little that I know with certainty. I can only use my experience and my judgment to analyze the project setting and decide how to adapt all that I know about Agile or Lean to best suit that setting.

I have had some projects, like now, where we don’t have planning sessions, or demos or sprints. Not the way its prescribed. But I believe that we are Agile. I have had projects where the stories were written in great detail and others where it was very lean.

CSM is really an introduction to Agile. It’s after you apply it a few times that you master it. And I am not in any way stating that I have mastered it. The word master means just that. I don’t wish to dilute it.