What’s in a name, you ask

We, being what we are, have mental models that immediately bucket words. This is why my good friend Rajesh Babu was ever critical of my loose use of words. If I wrongly use the word “I” instead of “We” he would ask patiently if that is what I meant. That was just one example.

Even more difficult is branding. Take a look at the age old problem of CSM, Certified Scrum Master. If only they had called it Certificate in Scrum Practices or CSP.

The second one is more recent. Its doing the rounds in various mailing lists and I had blogged about it earlier. I am convinced about this process as is evident. Let us for one second assume that I was. Why would you call something Shock Therapy? For a process so natural what an odd choice of words.

Or maybe I am being too sensitive.