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Managing Risk

As you continue to manage projects you will see some patterns that land you in trouble. Sometimes learning through the experience is the only way. Regardless its best to keep some things in mind. Multi-tasking This is the bane of a Project Manager’s existence. If you have people on your team that are not fully Continue reading Managing Risk

User stories

Firstly I must say that if you haven’t read User Stories Applied then you must. But to synthesize: A user story is a task that adds business value. Perhaps it might be easier to have a context for us to discuss around. Lets imagine this context to be a shop that wants to go online. Continue reading User stories


Many people balk at estimation questions. I find this interesting considering that outside of our projects and in our daily lives we use estimates all the time. How much will the taxi ride cost? How long will it take to get to the airport? How far is it to the hotel? (it is equally interesting Continue reading Estimation


It is important to keep one thing in mind in all this. Or maybe two. Its not just that some things work well for you – its that different things work for you at different times. It all depends on the context. An Iteration – which I have gone into projects with a two-week length Continue reading Iterations

Scrum, XP, Kanban

XP My first introduction to Agile was in 2003 when I joined Thoughtworks. The processes adopted by Thoughtworks was adopted bottom-up (if you consider management on a higher branch of a corporate tree). Developers chose to adopt a set of processes to deliver software effectively implementing the ideas Kent Beck espoused in eXtreme Programming explained. Continue reading Scrum, XP, Kanban

Why Agile?

The very first project I managed – this too without any formal training, understanding or appreciation – was unfortunately with a distributed team where the tools were limited to Word and Excel. I remember the version control was Visual Source Safe configured to lock a file to checkout and make changes to. Requirements (Functional Specifications Continue reading Why Agile?