Things that matter

This week marked a point in my career that I gave some thought to aspects of working with people and teams that I have found to be important. We know a lot about how technology choices, process choices, people choices, budget choices and such have an impact on how teams perform. The following are my Continue reading Things that matter

Software Projects

Project Management is interesting for a wide variety of reasons. Despite so many projects having been completed over the years it really hasn’t proportionately improved our chances of success. Of course I truly believe that this iterative way of building helps significantly. But even then I believe the applicability of learning is more limited than Continue reading Software Projects

Themes -> Stories

I have found Product Owners disinterested, almost, when we ask them for priorities at a story card level. This is usually because its too low-level. Its more important for the Product Owner to first prioritize at a theme level. Whats a theme? A theme is a business process that can later be broken into story Continue reading Themes -> Stories